Fan Dinnerware

$30.00 - $220.00

  • Image of Fan Dinnerware
  • Image of Fan Dinnerware
  • Image of Fan Dinnerware
  • Image of Fan Dinnerware

Fan-shaped Dinner plate for eating supper or serving cheese, veggies, a few sweets. $70
L. 9-3/4" x W. 9-3/4"

Fan Salad or small serving plate. Can be configured with other pieces for pleasing table arrangements. $55
L. 10" x W. 6"

Fan Bowl for soup, chili or breakfast. Nests in corner of the dinner or salad plate. Four bowls can be arranged in a circle for serving condiments or taco fillings. $55
Ht. 1-3/4" x L. 6-1/4" x W. 6-1/4"

Fan Dessert, small plate for sweets or a bit of cheese. $50
L. 8-1/4" x W. 5-1/2"

Five-piece Fan Set, four salads around an XS square bowl. Fun center serving piece Five-piece Set $240

XS Square Bowl fits nicely into the five-piece fan salad set for a bit of sauce, dip. $30
Ht. 2" x W. 3.75"

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