Boat Bowls

$70.00 - $400.00

  • Image of Boat Bowls
  • Image of Boat Bowls

Large Boat Bowl, the go-to bowl for entertaining the whole gang. The medium, small, and extra-small boat bowls nest inside. Pictured in Satin Red glaze. $140.
Ht. 4" x Diam. 12"

Medium Boat Bowl, multi-functional bowl, second largest in nesting set. Pictured in Satin Orange glaze. $115.
Ht. 3.5" x Diameter 10"

Small Boat Bowl, perfect for vegetables, pastas, salad, chips. Pictured in Satin Copen Blue glaze. $85.
Ht. 3" x Diameter 8.5"

Extra Small Boat Bowl, good for a batch of guacamole, a pound of frozen vegetables or refried beans. Smallest of four nesting bowls. Pictured in Satin White. $70.
Ht. 2" x Diameter 7"

Nesting Set of All Four Bowls: $400.

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