Sunflower & Blue Cups for Ukraine


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Cups for Ukraine. We pray for the people of Ukraine, especially the children. We'll donate the full sale price of every set of cups to Voices of Children, a group in eastern Ukraine that supports children who are experiencing or have experienced war. Instagram: @voices_of_children

We will make 25 more pairs of cups and make every effort to ship them to you by the end of July. This effort thus far has raised $5,094 which has been sent to Voices of Children.

A pair of ten-ounce cups for your favorite hot beverages.

Image of Corrugated Tumbler
Corrugated Tumbler
Image of Tall Oval Cup
Tall Oval Cup
Image of Euclid Cup
Euclid Cup
Image of Oval Cup
Oval Cup
Image of Covered Cup
Covered Cup
Image of Espresso cup
Espresso cup
Image of Double Espresso Cups
Double Espresso Cups
Image of Square Cup
Square Cup
Image of Low Cups
Low Cups
Image of Euclid Sipper
Euclid Sipper
Image of Short Tumbler
Short Tumbler
Image of Oval Teapot & Teabowls
Oval Teapot & Teabowls
Image of Oval Tumbler
Oval Tumbler
Image of Ripple Cup
Ripple Cup
Image of Flatback Cup
Sold out
Flatback Cup
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